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I have always been an unconventional soul, and many have said an old one as well. I mainly keep this blog so I can be "Friends" on other people's LJ's/DW blogs. I post here on very rare occasion.

So, here's a bit about me: "You are a water witch. Beautiful and intuitive, you draw your power from the water. You can be tranquil and terrible at one and the same time and might be described as 'moody.' You appreciate literature and may be a poet/writer. Graceful and powerful as the water itself, the rest of us envy your ability to love and be loved by others." -From Quizilla

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"alternative" stuff, adele, cats, creative writing, gay sex, henry cavill as superman, hugh jackman as wolverine, kal-el, law and order svu, legolas, lots of old films from the 1920s-1960's, lounge exotica, mozart, screen divas, sexy leading men, spirituality, state politics, the avengers ('60s tv show), yma sumac
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